Since the first asphalt road was constructed in 1871 in Paris, France, bitumen has played a dominant role as the primary surfacing material applied to flexible roads worldwide. 150 years later there is a total of 65 million km of roads crossing our planet. These are shared between 500,000 km of expressways and 64,5 million km of normal roads (paved and unpaved). 

Asphalt roads make up approximately 95% of the paved road networks worldwide. There is approximately 18 billion tons of asphalt pavement on the roads of the United States of America alone. In Europe there are more than 4,000 asphalt plants producing around 300 million tons of asphalt pavement material every year.


Approximately 110 million tons of bitumen is produced annually worldwide - most of which is used in road construction applications. The bitumen market size is valued at circa USD 50 billion annually and is expected to grow at over 4% over the next decade. Rapid industrialization in emerging countries is likely to escalate the demand for bitumen in various applications such as roadways, waterproofing, adhesives, and insulation.

Yet while the technology of constructing asphalt roads has progressed it has still remained tied to the oil industry with bitumen produced as a by-product.

B2SQUARE was formed with the goal of solving two interrelated issues in the asphalt road construction industry: 

  1. Develop a truly sustainable bitumen  

  2. Create bitumen solutions that are not reliant on the oil industry















To achieve this goal B2SQUARE needed to create processes where bitumen is not a by-product but an engineered product aligned with current sustainable infrastructure development goals.

The premier product developed by 
B2SQUARE is Instant Bitumen - the first sustainable, non-oil based bitumen providing significant benefits in terms of:

  1. Quality and Consistency

  2. Transportation and Storage

  3. Equivalent Carbon Dioxide Emissions