Reduced carbon emissions

In terms of CO2 emissions we were able to reduce the emissions from ca. 51 kg CO2 equivalent for a ton of conventional asphalt produced (without RAP) down to less than 26 kg CO2 equivalent. By utilising the unique cold application properties of Instant Bitumen we were thus able to cut emissions by half.

No modification to the plant

Right up to the asphalt mixing plant we kept the entire supply chain of all raw materials COLD! We made optimal use of the temperature and mixing energy which is available in a hot mix plant and produced bitumen and asphalt at the same time in situ in the mixing drum.

No wasted energy

Th entire bitumen addition can be undertaken though a cold process utilising existing asphalt plants. No necessity to keep bitumen continually heated in large tanks – each days binder can be prepared to specification.

Image by Chris LeBoutillier
Burner Blower
oil truck
Oil derrick
No reliance on oil-industry

Instant Bitumen is produced exclusively from naturally occurring organic materials.

Flexibility of Application

The exact bitumen amount with the exact properties can be tailor made on demand from products stored at room temperature and requiring no special handling during transport and storage.

No binder wastage

Exact mixing of the required asphaltenes and maltenes provide the perfect blend of bitumen properties to complement the existing aged binder to produce the optimal mix properties.