How would we make bitumen today?
With today’s knowledge and challenges?

Bitumen has been historically defined as a residual material during the process of refining crude oil into liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and gasoline. Produced as a by-product during the distillation process for heavy crude; as such, refinery decisions to process heavy versus light crude play a critical role in bitumen prices and availability. 

From the producer’s perspective conventional bitumen is considered a dispensable by-product of refinement in the mineral oil industry. For bitumen consumers it is, however, an indispensable component of their distribution and production chain. From this the idea developed to reinvent bitumen and to produce it consciously and deliberately.

Climate change obliges every industry to make its contribution toward working more climate conscious. Consequently, we consciously and deliberately strived to search for natural and sustainable components for our Instant Bitumen, outside the mineral oil industry.
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We wanted to make bitumen easier, greener and safer.
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