What is Instant Bitumen?

Instant Bitumen consists of two separate components, the asphaltenes (in the form of a solid) and the maltenes (a liquid of honey-like viscosity at room temperature), the building blocks of the colloidal bitumen system. 

During the "Instant Principle", the maltene portion is heated to ca. 180º Celsius, whereafter the asphaltenes are added under constant stirring, and thus a bitumen is created. Flexibility in the production allows for the creation of a slurry mix through agitation of the maltene portion at room temperature while the asphaltenes are added. Thereafter in can be heated to form a bitumen.

Is Instant Bitumen a mineral oil product?

No, it is not!

For the first time we have created a bitumen outside the mineral oil industry, by reverse engineering the bitumen system exclusively from naturally occurring organic materials. For the asphaltene phase we exclusively use naturally occurring hydrocarbon-resins that are obtained through mining. The liquid maltene phase is produced through a patented process from organic waste materials by our partner, Ventraco.

Which idea inspired Instant Bitumen?

From the producer’s perspective conventional bitumen is considered a dispensable by-product of refinement in the mineral oil industry. For bitumen consumers it is, however, an indispensable component of their distribution and production chain. From this the idea developed to reinvent bitumen and to produce it consciously and deliberately.
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Climate change obliges every industry to make its contribution toward working more climate conscious. Consequently, we consciously and deliberately strived to search for natural and sustainable components for our Instant Bitumen, outside the mineral oil industry. We wanted to make bitumen easier, greener and safer. For more information read How Instant Bitumen is Made
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Does Instant Bitumen act like a conventional bitumen when applied?

Yes, it does ! Following heating of the mixed components to ca. 180º Celsius for five minutes and cooling, Instant Bitumen is now the conventional bitumen we all know. Same properties, same application, same performance just without the same environmental concerns, energy costs and dependence on the oil industry.

Is Instant Bitumen being researched?

Yes. Not only are we continually researching Instant Bitumen for different applications, but roads agencies, research institutions and asphalt producers in Europe, Africa and American are currently researching its properties and are evaluating the addition of Instant Bitumen to their current research projects and trial mixes.
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