Environmentally conscious bulk users
  • Not reliant on the oil industry
  • No heating cost during storage and transport, transport of a safer product between sites
  • Half the CO2 equivalent emissions of traditional asphalt

Specialist industries
Asphalt roofing, waterproofing products and many more which require bitumen, but not the complexity, nor the environmental and safety concerns of handling a heated product throughout its delivery, storage and use cycles.

Remote sites
The ability of Instant Bitumen to store and mix the independent components at room temperature provides significant just in time benefits to the user. 

Multigrade Bitumen producers
Instant Bitumen allows for the production of various grades of bitumen from a single consistent feedstock.

Modified binder producers
Through analysis of the properties and chemical composition of an existing binder source, Instant Bitumen can be tailored as an additive to achieve the desired properties.

Image by David Thielen
Switching Roofs
Image by Dmitry Ant
Road Roller